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The Perfect Storm Driving The Growth Of Ransomware

Ransomware is an increasingly growing cybersecurity threat. This variation of malware allows an attacker to take control of devices, such as personal computers or servers and encrypt the user or system data on these...

Limiting Brute Force Attacks Against Your WordPress Site

Brute force attacks against wordpress are disruptive even if you use secure passwords and two-factor authentication. Here’s how you can stop them in their tracks. Brute force attacks are a problem for any site with...

Blockchain Security – An Advantage for Online Businesses?

When it comes to creating an impact, no Fintech has made quite as much of a splash in the last few years as blockchain. The Bitcoin blockchain was the first technical application of the...
Application Security

Application Security: Spotlight

Cybersecurity and protecting the network reside squarely in the corporate IT spotlight, yet there’s a shadow area where it’s time to shine a light: Application security. Too often it’s the app client that’s the...

The Impact Of Usability On Phishing: Prevention Effectiveness

Phishing emails can take many forms; from massive email blasts valuing quantity over quality, to spear phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks custom-tailored to maximize probability of success. Regardless of form, all phishing...
IoT Botnets

AI-Driven IoT Botnets Crisis and The Next Generation Of Cyber-AI Defense

Cyber attacks have entered a new age. Very advanced attacks coming from IoT botnets are leaving companies stumped as they just don’t have the tools to deal with such advanced malicious technologies. As the...
Mobile Device

Mobile Device Security – 6 Steps to Follow

The technology has forced people to reply on their mobile devices. With more and more functionalities, the mobile device carry out our activities such as setting reminders, instant messaging, sharing files, booking appointments, video...

Security+: Top 3 Tips to Deploy Mobile Devices Securely

One of the best certs is the Security+ because it's an entry-level type of credentials, which a Cybersecurity enthusiast or specialist can obtain. It covers a wide range of topics: Perform a basic survey...
hackable devices

7 Most Hackable Devices

Currently there are 3+ billion connected devices, used by customers, most of them are hackable devices and the number surely will increase to 4 billion by the end of next year. Due to the next...

Download OctoSniff 2.0.3 – PlayStation and XBox IP Sniffer

OctoSniff is a network research tool that allows you to determine information about all the other players you're playing with. It is compatible with PS, XBox 360 and XBox One. It have many other...

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