Mobile Device

Mobile Device Security – 6 Steps to Follow

The technology has forced people to reply on their mobile devices. With more and more functionalities, the mobile device carry out our activities such as setting reminders, instant messaging, sharing files, booking appointments, video...

Security+: Top 3 Tips to Deploy Mobile Devices Securely

One of the best certs is the Security+ because it's an entry-level type of credentials, which a Cybersecurity enthusiast or specialist can obtain. It covers a wide range of topics: Perform a basic survey...
hackable devices

7 Most Hackable Devices

Currently there are 3+ billion connected devices, used by customers, most of them are hackable devices and the number surely will increase to 4 billion by the end of next year. Due to the next...

Arduino in Education and R&D (What is Arduino)

The Arduino has become one of the most successful open hardware projects of all time. Thus today we want to give you a little overview of it and its ecosystem. What is an Arduino? An Arduino a...