The Perfect Storm Driving The Growth Of Ransomware

Ransomware is an increasingly growing cybersecurity threat. This variation of malware allows an attacker to take control of devices, such as personal computers or servers and encrypt the user or system data on these...

Security+: Top 3 Tips to Deploy Mobile Devices Securely

One of the best certs is the Security+ because it's an entry-level type of credentials, which a Cybersecurity enthusiast or specialist can obtain. It covers a wide range of topics: Perform a basic survey...

Blockchain Security – An Advantage for Online Businesses?

When it comes to creating an impact, no Fintech has made quite as much of a splash in the last few years as blockchain. The Bitcoin blockchain was the first technical application of the...

Know Your Data

What do you need to know about your data? More than you think. All of the data and information in your business can give you insight on levels and sources of risk, plus highlight...
Application Security

Application Security: Spotlight

Cybersecurity and protecting the network reside squarely in the corporate IT spotlight, yet there’s a shadow area where it’s time to shine a light: Application security. Too often it’s the app client that’s the...

Arduino in Education and R&D (What is Arduino)

The Arduino has become one of the most successful open hardware projects of all time. Thus today we want to give you a little overview of it and its ecosystem. What is an Arduino? An Arduino a...
Scammed Online

Tips For Prevention Of Getting Scammed Online

Hello Guys, If You are Into the Internet. You are aware of Scams. According to Yahoo Hackers stole 172 Billion Dollars in 2017. As we Provide Information to all of our Readers, we want...
Cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges – Simple tips to avoid losing your funds

2018 was a bad year for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Besides weathering the crypto winter which saw cryptocurrency prices hit multi-year lows, the industry also had record-breaking amounts stolen from...

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