DFIRTrack – The Incident Response Tracking Application


DFIRTrack (Digital Forensics and Incident Response Tracking application) is an open source web application mainly based on Django using a PostgreSQL database backend.

Installation and dependencies

DFIRTrack is developed for deploying on Debian Stretch or Ubuntu 16.04. Other Debian based distributions or versions may work but were not tested yet. At the moment the project will be focused on Ubuntu LTS and Debian releases.

For fast and uncomplicated installation on a dedicated server including all dependencies an Ansible playbook and role was written (available here).

For a minimal setup the following dependencies are needed:

  • django (2.0),
  • django_q,
  • djangorestframework,
  • gunicorn,
  • postgresql,
  • psycopg2-binary,
  • python3-pip,
  • PyYAML,
  • requests,
  • virtualenv,
  • xlwt.



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