Scavenger – A Post-Exploitation Scanning/Mapping Tool


SCAVENGER is a multi-threaded post-exploitation scanning tool for mapping systems and finding “interesting” and most frequently used files, folders and services. Once credentials are gained, it can scan remote systems (Linux, Windows and OSX) via services like SMB and SSH to scrape that system looking for “interesting” things and then cache the result. SCAVENGER has the ability to find the newest files that have been accessed/modified/created and keep the result in an ordered database. Then, after time has passed, hours or days later the systems can be scanned again. SCAVENGER can then compare the previous list of “newest files” to the latest list of “newest files.” This gives the user the ability to find the “interesting” and most frequently files used on that system, for example password files being accessed by an administrator or heavily used credit card database files.



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